Artist Statement

Like a moth to a flame, I’ve always been drawn to the contrasts and mysteries of life in nature.  The magic of a colorful rainbow appearing unexpectedly from a turbulent storm.  The magnificent glow of the sun that can only safely be seen as it's setting into the darkness.  The enchantment of a rare snowflake falling from the sky that will never be held, as it melts onto the skin.   

The anticipation of these elusive moments is what keeps me going…the idea that something beautiful can happen in the blink of an eye and I don’t want to miss it!  I am captivated by the disparity in these moments and live to experience the feeling and emotion that they bring.

Working with glass, in all of its forms, satisfies this need for transformative beauty and wonderment in my world.  The combination of glass and how it melts, or breaks, or bubbles are random occurrences that can’t be replicated, making each of my pieces unique and precious… much like life itself.


After many years of working in the Interior Design industry, I had the opportunity to explore different fields of art and find what made my heart sing.  From working with glass, to painting and pottery, I was able to rekindle my creativity. During this time I recognized that color was my passion, and Colorush Arts was born.

Skilled in stained glass, fused glass, and lampworking techniques, I teach weekend workshops at the Clay Lady's Campus in Nashville, TN.  My hope is to revive the glass arts through knowledge and awareness, while creating a fun environment for students to learn and play.  When I'm not teaching, I'm making one-of-a-kind glass pieces that can be purchased from local galleries.